China To Resume Long Term Visas For Stranded Indian Students After Over Two Years

by Sanjana Shenoy
China To Resume Long Term Visas For Stranded Indian Students After Over Two Years

Indian students, especially medical students stranded for over two years due to Beijing’s strict Covid restrictions, can finally have a sigh of relief. China has announced to resume long-term visas for stranded Indian students after over two years. Moreover, the country will also resume various categories of travel permits for Indians. This includes business visas. Here’s everything to know.

China Resumes Visas For Students After Over 2 Years

On August 22, Ji Rong, Counsellor, Department of Asian Affairs China tweeted congratulations to Indian students. She stated in her tweet that their patience has proved worthwhile. Welcoming Indian students back to China, the country announced the opening of visas for students, workers and families employed in China. X1-Visa will be issued to students who want to pursue long-term studies in China for higher education. Moreover, Indian students stranded due to Covid restrictions can resume their studies.

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How Can Indian Students Get Visas To China?

Over 1000 Indian students have wished to resume their studies in China, For this, they’d have to submit a ‘Certificate of Returning to Campus’. This needs to be issued by the universities in China. A covering letter must be submitted that includes details like place of visit, address, name, contact number, email id of the university and others. When it comes to newly-enrolled students, they must submit the original ‘Visa Application for Study in China’ (Form JW201 or Form JW202), the original Admission Letter. This needs to be issued by the Chinese university.

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Which Visas Will China Resume For Indians?

While the visas for Indian students to resume studies have been announced, there are yet no direct flights between the two countries. Indian and Chinese officials are in talks to resume flight operations between the two flights. Also, China may soon resume F-visa for study tours, visits and Z-Visa for those seeking to enter the country for employment.