China’s ‘Macho Restaurant’ Shuts Down; Waiters Filmed Feeding Female Diners Mouth-to-Mouth

by Shreya Shriyan
China’s ‘Macho Restaurant’ Shuts Down; Waiters Filmed Feeding Female Diners Mouth-to-Mouth

Indulging in culinary adventures is always delightful, but one Chinese restaurant recently took “personal service” to a whole new level, and it didn’t end well. China’s ‘Macho Restaurant’ had to recently pull its shutters down. Why? Because their unexpected approach to feeding female diners mouth-to-mouth caught the wrong kind of attention. Here’s what happened. 

China’s Macho Restaurants Shuts Down After Videos Of Servers Go Viral


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Authorities in China have shut down a restaurant, dubbed the ‘Macho Restaurant,’ due to its provocatively dressed male waiters. The eatery was situated in the tourist hotspot of Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province. 

It recently faced a downward spiral as online videos showcasing the waiters’ racy performances went viral, reported NDTV. As per the reports, tall and muscular waiters at the ‘Macho Restaurant’ wore revealing tank tops or went shirtless. Often entertaining mostly female customers with seductive dance routines. 

These performances included suggestive dancing, pole dancing-like moves known as “rod licking,” and intimate acts like feeding female diners mouth-to-mouth. Reports also stated that it included wiping their mouths and offering shoulder massages.

According to a report by South China Morning Post, the restaurant embraced a Thai theme and named itself “Thai Drum  Thai Cuisine.” They also had A noticeable sign proudly declaring “Macho Restaurant upstairs.”

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Hotel Takes ” Personal Service” Too Literally

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As per the report, to attract more customers, the struggling restaurant hired muscular actors to perform. Initially, six actors provided regular dance routines. However, when customers recorded and shared the performances online, the restaurant owner saw it as a promotional chance. This is according to a staff member at the restaurant speaking to Beijing Youth Daily, stated the report.

The restaurant’s provocative performances caught the eye of local authorities, who deemed them a violation of social ethics and cultural traditions. Consequently, on July 26, the authorities ordered the restaurant to shut down. They also seized its “illegal” income (totalling US$1,600), and imposed a fine ten times the amount of the illicit earnings, as reported by the outlet.

Social media users had mixed opinions regarding the authorities’ decision to close the restaurant. Some supported the closure, while others said that the establishment could have simply restricted entry for minors. They believed there was nothing objectionable about adults enjoying such entertainment, reports NDTV.

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Would you go to a restaurant where the servers feed you using their mouth? You know, like a mother bird but in this case, you had to pay the bird to feed you and it was dressed provocatively?  Let us know in the comments.

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