Chinese Airlines Plans To Suspend Overweight Female Flight Attendants, Faces Heavy Backlash

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Chinese Airlines Plans To Suspend Overweight Female Flight Attendants, Faces Heavy Backlash

We all know about the prevailing beauty standards across the globe and how they are affecting people’s mental and physical health. Hainan Airlines introduced the “weight reference standard” early in June. This policy went viral on the internet because of its inclusion, and now it is facing heavy backlash. The policy spoke about suspending female flight attendants if their weight exceeded the permissible limit. 

Chinese Airlines To Suspend Overweight Attendants

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Hainan Airlines introduced a new policy for cabin crew members. It said  it will suspend all cabin crew members whose weight exceeds the permissible limit. It was released early in June and specified body weight and size standards for all the female attendants on various levels. 

The Chinese airline mentioned that if the weight of the female flight attendants exceeds the standard limit, they will be suspended. It was later clarified that this policy applies to all cabin crew members across the airlines, irrespective of their gender. 

To check if the weight of the crew members is at par with the standard weight mentioned, the airlines will calculate it based on their height. The formula to calculate the standard weight of female attendants is: height (cm) minus 110 = standard weight (kg). A flight attendant must maintain a weight of 48 kg if she measures 5.1 feet. 

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Weight Reduction Plan

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Moreover, the policy said that employees who are less than 5% over the weight restriction will be watched by the company each month. This is to make sure they don’t put on weight. 10% of overweight female crew members will be immediately suspended and put on a weight loss regimen.

It has also published a weight reference norm, and the Chinese airline made it clear that it would apply to all crew members, not just women. 

A civil aviation employee characterised the policy as unprecedented in the domestic aviation industry.  A legal expert expressed concerns over the airline’s regulation. It said that it imposes additional labour obligations on employees, raising doubts about its legality. 

Chinese social media users also criticised this policy, as they believed professional knowledge was way more important.  (As per Moneycontrol)

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