Christmas 2019: 10 Most Festive Cities In The World To Travel To Under AED 8000

by Sweta Swaminathan
by Sweta Swaminathan 423
Christmas is almost here and we are already excited. When it comes to the festival, we are certain you’ve imagined what it feels like to experience a white, gleaming Christmas. Every Christmas story from our childhood has snow, sparkly lights, carols and santa. However, there’s much more that happens around the world. Several destinations are decked for the holiday season and how! We’ve discovered some of the top destinations where Christmas is a treat to the eye and you can immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. After all, its the most magical time of the year.

1. New York

New York City turns magical in the festive spirit. The concrete jungle transforms into a winter wonderland during Christmas. Times Square Centre, Rockefeller Centre, Central Park and other addresses join in the celebrations. The snowfall and sparkles of the city make it merrier, if not magical. Amidst the chaos, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the festive mood that engulfs the city. After all, some of our favourite rom coms were set in New York City during Christmas.


new york christmas

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2. London

Go no further than London if you wish to get mesmerized by decked up streets. The highlight however is ever buzzing Oxford Street, which is engulfed in holiday merriment. There are countless things to do at London during Christmas which includes exploring the Christmas market, skating in the ice and much more. Last but not the least, the winter wonderland in Hyde Park is something you cannot miss for the world. As a matter of fact, it happens to be one of the favourite holiday destinations amongst Bollywood celebrities too. If you happen to be a shopaholic, we have a guide curated for your rescue right here.

london christmas

credits – visit london

3. Seoul, Korea

Seoul is the quaint little town that has us awestruck in its beauty. In fact, there are so many reasons why this destination is a favourite. Every year, the entire city prepares itself to indulge in the festive spirit. The ever-popular Cheonggyecheon Stream is also adorned in dainty lights for the Seoul Christmas Festival. Seongbuk District also boasts a themed Christmas market where you can find festive goodies and bakes to gorge on. Most of the popular K-Dramas have attracted quite the crowd during Christmas. 

credits – seoul korea facebook

4. Budapest

The city of Budapest is a hot tourist hub and offers a memorable Christmas for its visitors. One can go bar hopping around the town, swirl around in the enormous ice rink and also board the Christmas cruise. Budapest is also known to be a great party destination, making it an ideal Christmas getaway with your friends.


budapest christmas

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5. St Petersburg

St. Petersburg is alight with the joy of Christmas every December. Experience streets full of light and warmth during the most beautiful time of the year. While the city is a popular hub during Summers, the frosty winters do not fall far behind. The frozen lakes and rivers, the snowflakes and the gleaming winter sun sure make a great canvas for Instagram clicks.


christmas russia

credits – Enchant Christmas St. Petersburg facebook

6. Finland

Lapland is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Finland. This address is perfect for those looking for the perfect white Christmas. Besides being a winter wonderland, Lapland is infamous as Santa’s town. So much that kids address letters to Santa Claus – wanting their wishes to come true. In fact, it is also open for visitors to explore. Christmas here is always drenched in white, thanks to its proximity to the north pole.


credits – finland in my heart facebook

7. Paris

Paris, the City of Lights welcomes Christmas like every other festivity. The whole city joins in to create the illusion of a perfect, fairytale-like city. You’d find an array of Christmas treats in patisseries and cafes, fashion stores with festive clothing and intricate lights. There are also outdoor ice skating rinks and Christmas Markets for you to explore.


credits – paris discovery facebook

8. Quebec

Quebec transforms itself into a magical Christmas village each year. While the Canadian traditions continue to enchant the city, it is the homeliness that would have your heart. One can explore the decorations, sip on some freshly brewed spirits and perhaps grab a bite of the baked goods. Amidst it all, the bright city shines like no other – giving you the white Christmas of your dreams.


9. Edinburgh

During December, the city of Edinburgh turns itself into a magnificent and celebratory hub. In the heart of the city centre, the world-famous Christmas market attracts visitors of all ages to enjoy the Ferris wheel, ice skating rink and market – selling everything from mulled wine to haggis. Even if it doesn’t snow, the crisp winter air makes it easy to grab a great view from the top of Holyrood Park.

credits – visit scotland facebook

10. Vienna

Vienna has one of the most picturesque Christmas across Austria. With its thousand crystals and gigantic chandeliers, the Vienna Christmas lights sparkle without looking flashy and give the main areas of the centre an elegant ballroom-like atmosphere. Activities throughout the city vary from picturesque markets in the shadow of the majestic baroque architecture and popular concerts to art installations and ice rinks in some of the world’s largest locations.


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Do note, Christmas is a peak season for travellers – so we recommend you have your bookings in place way ahead. If you are in luck, you can get yourself an incredible deal all the way till New Years. On the other hand, if you do not plan to travel for the holiday – here is how you can throw a perfect Christmas party.

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