CIDCO To Implement MetroNeo For Navi Mumbai Metro Lines 2, 3, And 4!

by Mallika Khurana

The Navi Mumbai metro project has been on the way to development for quite some time now. As part of the project, the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra’s board of directors recently decided to choose MetroNeo 2.0 for Navi Mumbai Metro lines 2, 3, and 4. This new system is a modified mode of transport that will be implemented in place of the standard gauge metro.

MetroNeo 2.0 Chosen For Navi Mumbai Metro

Navi Mumbai metro

Photo Credits: Canva

The CIDCO board has designated Urban Mass Transit Company (UMTC) to formulate a detailed project report. This consultancy by UMTC will cost CIDCO ₹95 lakhs in total. They have presented plans for travel demand, station locations, and alignment for now. The complete plan was anticipated to be received by April 2023.

In a statement released by CIDCO, MetroNeo was referred to as an innovative transport method that will function efficiently for cities with a population of up to ₹20 lakhs. They called it a Mass Rapid Transport System that will prove to be a reliable, fast, and cost-effective way of travelling. The statement also compared the MetroNeo system with international standards of travel as well as the metro systems.  

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Everything To Know About The New System 

Navi Mumbai metro

Photo Credits: Canva

The MetroNeo 2.0 is essentially a trolley bus running on bi-articulated rubber tyres. It will function on an overhead traction system. This system will match ideal metro standards with lowered costs and fewer technical provisions. It will also be on par with the metro system in terms of safety, affordability, comfort, punctuality, and environment-friendliness.

The CIDCO officials also revealed that the MetroNeo system for the Navi Mumbai metro will employ air-conditioned buses with comfortable seating, automatic door closing, announcements, level boarding, and electronic display of information.

In terms of connectivity, the Navi Mumbai metro Line 2 will connect MIDC Taloja to Khandeshwar over the course of six elevated stations. Over three elevated stations, Line 3 will connect MIDC Taloja to Pendhar. Lastly, Line 4 will connect Pendhar to Navi Mumbai International Airport.

The estimated cost of MetroNeo is ₹2000 crore, and it is expected to resolve the connectivity issues in Navi Mumbai.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva