Climbing New Heights, 8-Year-Old Nashik Girl Treks 7 Forts In 15 Hours 30 Minutes

by Tania Tarafdar
Climbing New Heights, 8-Year-Old Nashik Girl Treks 7 Forts In 15 Hours 30 Minutes

They say, with grit and determination, you can reach the stars and this eight-year-old girl from Nashik proves that this adage could not be more true. The young girl Toshika Patil created a record by trekking seven forts in one day within 15 hours 30 minutes. She started climbing from Tikona fort in Maval at 5.30 am followed by Tung, Korigad, Lohegad, Visapur, Manaranjan, and Shrivardhan. We are in awe of her record-breaking feat.

The Girl Completed Her Milestone In 15 Hours 30 Minutes

The young girl completed this landmark milestone on March 1. She trekked Kalsubai with her family before undertaking the feat. Looking at her stamina and enthusiasm during the family trek, her family motivated her to climb all seven treks. As reported by Hindustan Times, the young girl enjoyed herself thoroughly while climbing all forts. She took some rest after climbing three forts in the afternoon after which she completed her milestone. If Trekking Is The Only ‘High’ You Like, Here Are 10 Best Treks From Mumbai. 

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She Thoroughly Enjoyed Her Treks At Night

Her guide ensured that she gets adequate rest between her climbs while they travelled from one fort to another. She even enjoyed climbing during the night. Since the age of three, Toshika enjoyed going uphill at temples and her parents never carried her on their shoulders. She is a yoga enthusiast and also loves cycling.

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The young girl will take professional training in mountaineering and step ahead into the world of adventurous sports. We all are hooting for this mountaineer in the making.