If Trekking Is The Only ‘High’ You Like, Here Are 5 Best Treks From Mumbai

Love being ‘high’? Here are some beautiful treks you can take from Mumbai this upcoming weekend –

1. DIY Trek To The Harihar Fort At Igatpuri

The great outdoors are great for a reason. It was Shakespeare who once said, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” and surely the Harihar region of Igatpuri is a kin place to be at. It’s time for you folks to lace up your boots and head out on the trail. Witness the beauty and diversity of nature with the land beneath your feet. Taking you to the Trimbakeshwar Ranges in Maharashtra, this enthralling trek will take you through the Harihar and Anjaneri regions of IgatpuriHarihara fort built in 1600 during the Yadava period, is a breath taking location to go to for a trek, with a variety terrain ranging from plains and forests to carved stone steps until you reach the peak. The ideal time for you to start the trek would be around 10 in the morning and reach the top of the fort by 1 pmexplore the fort for a while and then descend before the sunset.

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2. One Tree Hill In Matheran

If you’re looking for some breath-taking trekking experiences and a panoramic views, One Tree Hill trek is your answer! Matheran has about 38 view points in total and One Tree Hill is one of them. One tree hill is this undisturbed and serene trek which can rarely we said about the other treks in Matheran. What makes this trek so unique? The fact that it can be done in any season and also gives you the most serene experience every time. The reason why the trek is called the one tree hill trek is because when you reach the top, you get to see this peculiar hill with just one tree on it.

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Image by- Karthik Mistry

3. Trek To The World’s Most Dangerous Fort 

Kalavantin Durg is known to be the world’s most dangerous fortress and a trek here will definitely scare you to death. Located between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra, it stands tall at an elevation of 2,300 feet. It is only 50 km away from Mumbai which makes for a good long drive on a weekend. The trek here requires absolute strengthpatience, and stamina to reach the top. The Fort is also known as Prabalgad Fort, it has steep slopes, a staircase with no ropes or railings to support your climb which makes it the most dangerous trek.

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Image credits: Triphippie.com

To book this trek visit Triphippie here.

Address: Kalavantin Durg, near Prabalgad Fort, Prabalmachi, Maharashtra 410206
Phone: 089393 94063

4. Sandhan Valley Hanging Tent Trek

Seeking an adventure? Now you can go camping at Sandhan Valley Hanging Tent trek, near Nashik, that will allow you to spend time in a 300ft deep in a valley. Try extreme camping by spending the night at Sandhan Valley Hanging Tent trek’s hanging tents. Just 3 hours from Mumbai city near Bhandardara, is this extreme campsite which is not meant for the weak hearted. Do you think you have it in you? You’ll have to stay inside a tent in which the only thing separating you from a deep valley will be air! Basically, you will be hanging mid-air. 

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(Image Credit – Trek Mates India)

The Sandhan valley trek can be booked through a various adventure and tour companies. These companies organize the treks depending on availability of dates.

Cost per person: ₹3500 – ₹3750

Book here
1. Trek And Trails – www.treksandtrails.org 

2. Phoenix Expeditions – www.phoenix-expeditions.com

3. Trek Mates India – www.trekmatesindia.com

5. Needle Hole Point In Mahabaleshwar 

Famous for some ecstatic views of Deccan trap, Needle Hole Point is a natural rock formation with a hole & looks like an elephant’s trunk near Mahabaleshwar. At a distance of 15 minutes (7 Km) from Mahabaleshwar is Needle Hole Point. A favourite amongst tourists and visitors, the beauty of the point is the rock formation due to which it gets its name. It is a sliver hole between 2 rocks giving it a structure of a needle hole and that of a standing elephant makes it a natural phenomenon and something beautiful to look for. Oh! It has a panoramic view that shouldn’t be missed.

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Picture Credits: magnificentmaharashtra.wordpress.com

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