Coke Studio Is Coming To Delhi NCR Live In January 2020!

coke studio
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 171

Your dreams will all come true in Delhi NCR. We’re feeling quite positive because one of ours just did. Coke Studio is coming to Delhi NCR for a live performance this January! We have dreamt of the music unwrapping our layers and lay them open along with everyone else’s. Coke Studio is soul music. Some great artists, musicians, composers and dreamers have been discovered on their platform. The music is one of a kind. Different languages, melodies, instruments and genres blend together for a masterful innovation every time.

What is it

This time the performance is going to be truly unique. (Which episode of Coke Studio’s isn’t though!) Vedic metal band Rudra is taking stage with Adnan Ahmed. Rudra is a Singaporean band famous for black metal influenced death metal and traditional Carnatic music. They will be chanting mantras for this performance. Reality show The Voice India fame Adnan Ahmed will create magic with them singing Bollywood blockbusters. This fusion wordplay has us very excited about this avant-garde style. The blend of these peculiar choices is so unique that we are unable to imagine it. Perhaps, that’s exactly what the organizers wanted. The show’s not over yet. If you thought this was outrageous, hold your horses. They will be joined by The Divine Roots of Rajasthan pioneered by Padmashree Sri Sakar Khan Hamira. This is the rural music magic touch that takes a performance from mind blowing to life changing. If you’re a Bollywood fan, check out Bollywood Stars And Their Favorite Eating Spots In Delhi.

coke studio

Image Credit: unite asia

What’s more

Art for a good cause is the softest spot in our hearts. Chapter 1 is not just an insane fusion fission but also serving a purpose. Some heroes wear capes and some are just ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Non-Governmental Organisation CAPED (Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection Trust) is a partner for this event. They aim to create awareness about Cervical Cancer prevention through the power of music.

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Image Credit: The Divine Roots of Rajasthan

There can be no better day than listening to soul satisfying tunes while also being a responsible citizen supporting such an important cause. Guilt free pleasure is hard to find in the hyper productive frenzy that engulfs the 21st century. Book your intense evening with Coke Studio to see places only music can take you!

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When: 18th January, 4:30 PM onwards

Where: Open Air Theatre, Gurgaon

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