Next Time You Are In Delhi, You Can Easily Avoid Going To These 6 Popular Tourist Spots

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 103

Delhi is the perfect example of chota packet bada dhamaaka. There’s so much culture packed in the lanes of this city that it’s impossible to cover all of it on one trip. There are tens of major tourist spots like India Gate, Red Fort and Chandni Chowk. So, how do you cut corners, how do you choose between recommendations? While we love this city and everything about it, there are some parts of it that are just not worth the hype. That in no way means this city is losing points. It just means that some things are just not special enough for tourists. God knows there are definitely some overhyped tourist spots in Delhi. Don’t you worry, we know exactly what you should avoid.

1. Local markets

A few markets are truly one of a kind experiences like Sadar Bazar (for those who can handle it.) Janpath is not one of them. It’s high on utility but, there really isn’t anything you wouldn’t find at Dilli Haat or just any other more convenient location. The famous Gujarati Market is always crowded and difficult to navigate for newbies. The same applies to Lajpat Nagar Market as well. It’s got some great food and shopping but, a tourist on borrowed time in the city might enjoy chaat at Chandni Chowk more.


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2. Nehru Park

This is one of the best places for a lazy stroll or a peppy picnic. Unfortunately, that’s not what tourists are usually looking for. This is a wonderful park, but it’s just a park. It’s clean, it hosts events like Jazz Fest and NDMC Art Fest and we absolutely love all the public space we can get. As a tourist attraction, Nehru Park is overhyped and overrated.


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3. Malls

Malls are pretty much the same around the world. Nothing very special at Select Citywalk or DLF Vasant Kunj. Delhi is not big on sales compared to other places like Bangkok or Christmas time in USA. Going to a mall in Delhi is purely functional. Some of the restaurants inside are spectacular but they require maneuvering through the shopping crowd and waiting for tables. If you really want to taste Delhi, then eat street or try unique chains like Big Chill instead of making the effort that malls demand.

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4. National Zoological Park

In comparison to zoos all over the world, this place is humble. Even compared to Pune, Darjeeling, Mysore or Chennai, Delhi zoo fails to impress. Tourists must experience what truly makes this city who it is. Dil waalo ki Dilli ka dil does not beat for the zoo, but it does for Majnu Ka Tilla. The National Zoological Park in Pragati Maidan is overhyped simply because zoos are generally a tourist attraction.


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5. Tughlaqabad Fort

Delhi has a fort everywhere you look. On a limited time frame, stick to the major monuments. Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort and Agrasen Ki Baoli are all unmissable. Meanwhile, Tughlaqabad Fort is not. You can easily miss out on the unkempt landscape and eerie quiet. It’s missing out on the grandeur of other Delhi monuments. Yet, people often recommend it to tourists in the neighbourhood. We say, drive that extra minute and get to a place that deserves attention.

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6. Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Over 200 acres of land, more than a 100 historic monuments and yet, spending a whole day here often feels like torture. Delhi weather is extreme and braving the cold or facing the heat for hours on end is just not worth it here. Next to the luminance of UNESCO site Qutub Minar, Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb looks dull. Rajon Ki Baoli is not the best stepwell in Delhi and honestly, if you’re going to Mehrauli, the Qutub view restaurants are probably more fun than roaming about looking for inspiration inside Mehrauli Archaeological Park. While we’re glad about the green cover, it’s an overhyped tourist place.


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You can count on us to give you the real picture. Delhi is a city you can never get tired of but, these overhyped places are not the reason behind that. Check out the most insta-worthy places in Delhi, the most unique cultural hotspots and the best food destinations. Never settle!

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