Old Delhi May Get Glory Tram Trains Back To Tour Chandni Chowk Trackless And Electric!

tram trains
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan1635

Some great news just came our way and we can’t believe it; let’s see if you can. A little birdy told us that tram trains might make a comeback in old Delhi! There was a time when Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazaar, Sadar Bazar, Paharganj, and Ajmeri Gate were all connected by 24 open cars on 15 km of road. Tram trains ruled the city with their charming looks that wooed away every visitor. The love affair of trams goes way back to the early 90’s when life was rosy and pictures monochrome. From 1908-1963, Delhi survived on tram trains. The system was closed down citing advancement and traffic. More shops than people started propping up in old Delhi and a historic romance had to part ways with the city. Old is gold and the Delhi government just brought back the shiniest of all that glitters.

What is it

Electric alternatives to Delhi traffic is the best new year’s gift this city could ask for. Air pollution has become a health hazard leaving long term effects on Delhiites. The proposed tram trains will be trackless running on electricity. We have been toying with the golden past for five years, but the project was dropped for being infrastructure intensive. Have we found a solution for that! Trackless tram trains require no installation of on-road tracks or overhead catenary. This has also reduced the proposed budget by almost ₹80 crores. The proposed cost estimation for bringing old Delhi’s glory days back is now ₹25-28 crores.

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tram trains

Image Credit: HindustanTimes

What’s more

The cost of each vehicle will come up to ₹5 crores. We plan to install 12-30 cars with the capacity of 300-500 passengers. Maximum speed will be a decent 70 kmph, not too slow to frustrate passengers. The 10.5 meters long tram trains will be 2.65 meters wide and 3.4 meters high. Reports say these can be installed virtually overnight and be parked at Ambedkar DTC bus depot. The suggested route will start and end at Rajghat passing through markets, tourist places, bus stops, railway, metro stations, etcetera. Rubber wheels for concrete roads and high-speed train like hydraulic systems are being considered for Delhi-6. The ongoing Chandni Chowk revamp will truly be complete if this project is extended to approval.

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Image Credit: indiatimes

A purani Dilli tour will finally fair out the way god intended. We hope this is approved tomorrow for a new Dilli darshan experience in the new year!

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