Delhi Restaurants And Hotels To Now Print Menus In Braille!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 71

We always take pride in India’s open borders and inclusivity. This year is ending with great news in the capital. Delhi restaurants are trying their level best to make everyone feel welcome. Food is not for a select crowd; great grub is a right. To put this philosophy into practice is a hard but essential. We just took another step in this direction for year end joy. Restaurants and hotels in Delhi will soon print their menus in Braille!

What is it

Visually impaired citizens and visitors will finally get the service they deserve. The Delhi State Commissioner of Person with Disabilities (PWD) has spoken and the rest must follow. The Delhi government has directed 400 restaurants and hotels to print menus in Braille. All the members of the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI) must follow the court order. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 makes access to public services mandatory. We all love some me-time. This way the visually impaired can eat their favourite food I silence after studying their options well, just the way we like it. In 1992, McDonalds introduced menus in Braille which were available at some of its US outlets; it’s high time we hop on the wagon.

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What’s more

Delhi is not stopping at just restaurants and menus. The Ministry of Tourism was asked to “put together the relevant provisions/requirements/measurement and designs for various facilities”. They are to make a smaller booklet by extracting this information from the Harmonised Guidelines. This booklet should be uploaded on the official websites of the Ministry of Tourism, FHRAI and each hotel and restaurant. All restaurants and hotels are to follow these instructions irrespective of their category! Talk about inclusivity. We rarely see people taking the time for a solo lunch anyway. If there’s any hurdle in our way, we easily back out. This initiative will go a long way in making that decision easier for a larger demographic. If you’re looking for the perfect solo places, Unwind, Relax And Read At These 9 Book Cafés For Newfound Peace In Delhi!

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Delhi food is amazing, and everybody deserves their best chance of experiencing it. Printing menus in Braille is honestly Delhi getting the basics right. We hope the rest of the country follows suit and soon. We just can’t wait to see it go live!

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