Coldplay Lead Singer Chris Martin Hosts Live Online Concert For Quarantined People

by Kanika Sharma
Coldplay Lead Singer Chris Martin Hosts Live Online Concert For Quarantined People

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, numerous concerts around the world have been cancelled, which included some of the biggest names like Coachella. But it hasn’t stopped the artists from reaching out to their fans. Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, recently took on social media and did a 30-minute long live stream of his performance that he dedicated to all the people who were in quarantine or staying home.

Picture Credit: Coldplay | Facebook

What’s More?

Chris Martin addressed his followers from home, sitting in a sweater and a beanie. He mentioned that he was suppose to be with the band, but since unfortunately since everyone was in different parts of the world, he decided to check up on every one through social media.

Picture Credit: KRON4

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The lead singer did acoustic versions of some of Coldplay’s popular tracks like ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ and ‘Trouble’. He also ‘had an idea of calling this thing, #TogetherAtHome’, which he believed that ‘maybe tomorrow, someone might just take over.’ And someone sure did!

Who Else Is Streaming Live?

The ‘All Of Me’ hitmaker, John Legend, then took over his social media and did a live performance for his fans and who also joked about doing the performance ‘pantsless’. He was joined by his wife Chrissy Teigen.

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Australian Country rockstar Keith Urban also did a live show from his warehouse, where his wife, Nicole Kidman, who is also an Oscar-winning actress, joined him for the stream. The American singer and songwriter, Pink, also joined the bandwagon and went live from her social media handle for a ‘free piano lesson and rehearsal’.

Picture Credit: The Boot

Music is something that gets people from around the world together. We have been seeing videos on social media platforms where people have come out in their balconies and playing instruments together the pacify those whose colonies are under a lockdown. Now, with all these popular artists going live, we can’t wait to see who takes up the mantle next.