Condoms Lie Scattered All Over Karnataka Highway & Nobody Knows Why!

by Tania Tarafdar
Condoms Lie Scattered All Over Karnataka Highway & Nobody Knows Why!

It is not unusual to find a condom or two strewn around in secluded parks and forests. We do not blame the couples here! But who would have ever imagined spotting thousands of condoms on a national highway? Sounds strange, right? Locals spotted thousands of condoms scattered on a Karnataka highway and they still do not why! However, here are some speculations. 

Locals Have Many Theories Behind The Spillage Of The Condoms

While people have multiple theories on spotting condoms on the National Highway, the exact reason is unknown. Some believe that the condoms must have fallen on the road from a vehicle. Others are speculating that they must have spilled on their way to a factory. Many others feel that some people must have made the National Highway a dumping ground for used condoms. 

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Social Media Users Question If They Were Used Condoms

These condoms have been found on the Kathsandra-Batawari line on National Highway-48 and, the police are still investigating the matter. They are trying to find if the spillage of condoms on the road was deliberate or accidental. No wonder the pictures of condoms lying in large numbers on the National Highway have immediately gone viral. The viral pictures left netizens wondering if condoms were used or unused. Some even commented asking if they belonged to a single person. 

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