India Gets Its Very First Offline Legal Sex Store In Goa

by Suchismita Pal
India Gets Its Very First Offline Legal Sex Store In Goa

Many of us aren’t still comfortable talking about sex in public. Surprisingly, there are some parents who do not allow their grown-up kids to have many friends of the opposite gender, even in the 21st century, fearing rumpy-pumpy. Sex education? That’s not yet mainstream too. While there’s so much hush-hush around the word, a shop in Goa has smashed the taboo to become India’s first legal brick-and-mortar sex toy shop. Read on to know more.

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The Shop Sells Unique Condoms, Vibrators, Pumps And More

As reported by, the online sale of sex toys rose by 65 percent during the coronavirus lockdown in India. But now, buyers can directly walk into this store in Goa that has shelves full of adult toys and unique condoms. KamaGizmos, the adult toy and wellness products store, opened up in Goa’s Calangute. It opened doors on February 14 and sells a wide variety of sex toys, ranging from sprays, gels, vibrators and pumps to harnesses, packers and more.

First Offline Legal Sex Store Goa India
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It Looks Like A Regular Retail Store With Products Displayed On Shelves

The shop is well lit and looks like a normal retail store. People can visit there, pick up the products from the racks and directly take them to the billing counter for the payment. People can shop for the toys just like shopping for clothes, furnishings, kitchen essentials or any other regular thing. Also, offline stores can attract buyers who still prefer brick-and-mortar shopping over online shopping, to touch and see the product before going ahead and actually purchasing it.


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Since this adult toy store is the first-of-its-kind in the country, it has the potential to get a good number of customers. And, definitely, this store can be on the bucket list of many couples and honeymooners heading to Goa for a romantic vacation. Meanwhile, did you know about this paan in Aurangabad that can improve your sex drive?