Medha Gokhale Runs Cooking Classes In Pune – But For Men!


Do you know how to cook? This is the most common question asked to every Indian woman out there. And funnily enough, she is respected depending on her ability to cook and do household chores. On the other hand, men are usually not even encouraged to enter the kitchen. But times are changing. And a testimony to this fact is Medha Gokhale’s cooking classes with a twist. Her cooking classes are masaledar as they are only for men. Yes! You read that right. Medha Gokhale teaches men to be independent and self-sufficient when it comes to everything related to cooking.

Life-Changing Cooking Class

Medha Gokhale conducts a 4-day course for men. And she is of the belief that we eat food to maintain our health, then why do we expect the food from someone else? If we want to eat to have a nutritious well being then we must also know how to prepare the food that we eat. So through this 4-day course, she teaches men to prepare food in a practical manner. Right from cutting, peeling and tempering vegetables to kneading the flour and preparing Rotis she conducts a cooking class with a difference.

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Men enrol themselves to her cooking class to help their wives at home, teach themselves a new skill or to make food for themselves. Her cooking class takes place in her home at Narayan Peth. Medha Gokhale teaches her students everything in detail. She believes that men of different age groups, from all walks of life, must know how to cook. And she puts her sincere efforts to make sure her students learn this life skill and are able to help the women in their lives. Apart from cooking she also teaches them ways to keep the kitchen clean during and after cooking.Did you know Himachal Pradesh Sets Guinness World Record For Making 1,995 KG Of Khichdi?

Cooking Today, Life Skills Tomorrow

The smart, cheerful lady that she is, Medha Gokhale also shares interesting beauty tips. Her beauty nuska included removing tan by placing your hands on your face after cutting tomatoes. She likes to give her tips to men as she feels they deserve to have glowing skin too. Medha Gokhale gave a fun cooking course to our Managing Editor, Natasha  Monteiro. Her students then prepared a lovely meal of Roti and Sabzi. The food tasted delicious, even more so as it was cooked from scratch by men, who were eager to learn this life skill. The most heart touching part is that every man who attends her cooking class learns to cook and clean sincerely as they want to extend a helping hand to their wives back at home. Yes, this is a small cooking class that makes a big difference. If this story has touched your heart then check out Pune’s Iconic 45 Year Old Bhel Joint Kalyan Bhel

Address: Narayan Peth, Pune 411030
Contact: +91 9373094467
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