Himachal Pradesh Sets Guinness World Record For Making 1,995 KG Of Khichdi!

Guinness World Record
by Vidisha Khaitan 1681

Something we never saw coming has happened to remind us how incredible India really is. Once again, we’re stumped at desi zeal. Himachal Pradesh has set a world record that deserves more than just a prize. A Guinness World Record has been set for preparing the largest serving of khichdi by the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Himachal Pradesh.

What is it

Mandi district was celebrating Makar Sankranti by making khichdi for the people in Tattapani. They made 1,995 kg of khichdi over 5 hours. The chefs’ team of 25 chefs came from Shimla’s Hotel Holiday Home for the task. This is no easy task. Even the vessel used was of measurements unheard of. It was specially acquired from Jagadhari in Haryana. It weighs 270 kg, yes that much without the khichdi. Almost 2,000 kg of anything would need appropriate space right! The cooking vessel was 4 feet deep and 7 feet in diameter. Imagine a cooking pot like that in front of your eyes. We would’ve freaked out. Talk about Instagrammable!

Guinness World Record

Image Credit: dainik bhaskar

What’s more

The vessel was so big that a crane had to lift it up. Once the cooking was over and it was time to eat, the vessel was lifted once more to take it to the people. Devotees were served with the record-breaking khichdi after their holy dip Sutlej river at Tattapani. Director of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Yunus was reported saying that this was done in order to attract tourists to the town of Tattapani. Since the construction of the Kol Dam, the area is slowly turning into a destination for water sports. Tourism is always encouraged and so, more initiatives like this are being taken. We’d say it’s working: a Guinness World Record surely makes news. If you’re sick of the all time places in Himachal, try something new. Snow, Apple Orchards And Ancient Architecture: 10 Reasons To Visit Kalpa, The Softer Version Of Spiti In Himachal Pradesh!

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Himachal Pradesh

Image Credit: socialnewsxyz

Himachal Pradesh is always surprising us with things that leave people jaw-dropped. If it’s not the view then, it’s the air quality, if it’s not that then, it’s the food. This time they’ve taken it one step further. A Guinness World Record over food? Now they’re talking. The previous record was set at 918.8 kg by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor at a Delhi event. Tattapani just broke the record with over almost a 1000 kg! We just wish we were there! If you love khichdi then try The Food Therapist In South Delhi That Serves Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer Khichdi Till 2 AM!

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