Could SpiceJet Ransomware Attack Put Passengers’ Personal Data At Risk?

by Shreya Ghosh
Could SpiceJet Ransomware Attack Put Passengers’ Personal Data At Risk?

SpiceJet systems faced a ransomware attack on Tuesday night and it led to interfering and delaying Wednesday’s morning flight schedule. The delay in flights occurred at the Delhi airport and the passengers were completely furious with the obstruction. A SpiceJet flyer Mudit Shejwar tweeted about the entire incident. He described how people waited in long queues because of prolonged delays. He stated that the flight he was on did not take off even after waiting for over 80 minutes of the boarding formalities.

Mudit Shejwar tagged Spicejet, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, Airport Authority of India, and also the Delhi airport authority while sharing on the social media platform.

Ransomware Attacks Lead To Losing Data

The ransomware attack is quite dangerous in which the attacker can encrypt all kinds of files and data of the victim. Victims have a high risk of facing a financial loss to retrieving back all their personal data. Such attacks can lead to experiencing lost productivity, IT costs, network modifications, legal fees, and also the purchase of credit monitoring services for employees/customers.

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After some time, SpiceJet addressed the matter and posted on their Twitter handle that the situation is under control. They mentioned that their IT team solved the issues and flights are operating properly.

The SpiceJet Flyers Flooded The Platform With Their Complaints

Many passengers had to face these problems and no proper association from the airline made them utmost furious. The flyers tweeted and updated people about the situation and how the airline did not serve the customers properly. The airline did not even notify the passengers about the flight delays. Also, some flights got cancelled. However, the passengers had no idea about it. The website and customer care numbers of SpiceJet came to no use as none were working.

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