Country Of Origin’s Molten Espresso Mug Is What You Want When You Crave For Chocolate & Coffee

by Akriti Seth
Country Of Origin’s Molten Espresso Mug Is What You Want When You Crave For Chocolate & Coffee

For all those Chocolate and Caffeine lovers, “Country of Origin” which is a Fine Food Boutique. It has an array of fine foods and Desserts complemented with exceptional service, style, concept and also brilliant quality.

The name Country Of Origin comes from the fact that, foods from all parts of the world are recreated with their tinge to it. Loved and enjoyed by everyone, COO has a ravishing array of exquisite custom-crafted culinary finds. They have a variety of fine teas and coffees, gourmets, fresh oven baked breads and savouries. Also along with is a decadent patisserie and a lot more.

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What We Love?

What we love here is “Country Of Origin’s Molten Espresso Mug” which is a shot of freshly brewed expresso with their signature Molten Chocolate Cake in a COO Coffee Mug. You can microwave the cup for 20 seconds and taddaaa!!!

Enjoy the delicious combination of coffee and also chocolate in a mug. The chocolate oozes out as you put the spoon in the cup and oh! what a sight it is for the eyes and what a delight it is for the taste buds. This beauty costs Rs 550 and is totaly worth every rupee!

They also have these liquid Chocolate Syringes. You can squirt the rich chocolate straight in your mouth and fall in love with chocolate bit by bit. That is certainly an injection I’d like to take.

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Warning: This video might want to make you book a cab and head off to COO the moment you see it!


Bandra: Pearl Haven, 86 A, Chapel Road Junction, Reclamation
Malbar Hill: 69 A, Nepean Sea Road, Manisha Building
Juhu: 1, Sun N Sand Hotel, Juhu (home-delivery only)


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