COVID-19 Essentials You Must Carry To Ensure Safe Travel

by Tania Tarafdar

Travelling and vacations have almost been put on complete hold since the time the pandemic has dawned upon us. And while we thought it was just a matter of a few days, its been months and the pandemic is far from over. While none of us is planning leisurely vacations, a lot of us have to do emergency travels. We curated a list of all the essentials that you must carry whenever you are travelling during the pandemic.

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1. Masks

Masks have been made mandatory, so you will not miss out on the face mask. But when you are travelling, always carry some few extra masks along with you. You may lose one, and you definitely need to replace your face cover every once in a while. Cloth masks can be your best bet as buying too many N95 masks can be too expensive. Meals Permitted On Flights; Passengers Without Masks To Be Put On No-Fly List.

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2. Gloves

Along with the face masks, carry a few pairs of gloves too for that extra protection. You can keep a few disposable gloves along with you which you can replace every once in a while during the day. Plus, gloves will keep you from reaching your hands to your face which you may subconsciously touch without the gloves.

3. Face Shield

A lot of us think that a face shield is not essential, but let us not forget that it gives that needed protection to our eyes. Plus, you get double protection from the aerosols dispersed in the air from an infected person. Here are 10 Rules For A Safe Hotel Stay During COVID-19 Pandemic.

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4. Disinfectant Wipes

The disinfectant wipes are a must-carry to wipe down the surroundings. When you are sitting on a bench or a seat stationed at the airport, you can wipe them clean first. The disinfectant wipes also come handy to clean the meal table, armrests and every other surface around you that could possibly have infectious droplets. Here are 5 Indian National Parks That Have Reopened.

5. Pocket-Sized Sanitiser Bottle

Sanitisers may be stationed at most places at the airport or the hotel, but carrying one along with you is also extremely important. It helps to avoid using sanitisers stationed at public places and ensures that you clean your hands every time you touch a common surface.


6. Your Essential Gadgets

Ensure that your essential gadgets like your smartphone, tablet and your laptop are in top shape for crucial communication. It is vital to stay in touch with your near ones while travelling during these challenging times. You may also need to download a COVID-19 application necessary for check-outs at airports. Do not forget to carry your portable charger to maintain the battery of your gadgets to do e-bookings and online transactions. You would want to avoid handling cash at all times to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

7. Necessary Medications

You should always keep a few medicines like paracetamol handy for times you feel well. The fact that you are travelling and you have stepped your foot out of your home can put you at the risk of contracting the viral disease. 6 Things To Consider Before Cancelling Your Trip Due To Coronavirus

Apart from these, always ensure that you are maintaining social distancing at all times that you are travelling. Avoid getting into a crowd at any cost.