Covid 19: Expired UAE Residency, Visit Visas To Remain Valid Until End-2020

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Covid 19: Expired UAE Residency, Visit Visas To Remain Valid Until End-2020

The UAE announced yesterday that all residence visas for those inside or outside the UAE will be valid until end of 2020. Colonel Khamis Al Kaabi, a spokesperson for the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship said the move will ease the pressure Covid has put in the country.

In addition, all entry permits and visas for those inside the country are valid until the end of December of this year, when they happen to end after the first of March 2020.

Likewise, Emirates IDs that expire on 1 March will also be valid until the year end.

What Else?

On another note, residents can now report posts and messages on social media that mock Covid-19 laws in the UAE. Dubai Police said the country has a zero-tolerance policy towards the misuse of social media. Discussing further about the issue, Colonel Saeed Al Hajri, head of cybercrime department at Dubai Police said people can report any such crimes through the e-crime department of Dubai Police or via the Dubai Police app.

Alternatively, residents can also call 901 (if it is not an emergency) or call 999 and report the case directly. Al Hajri had earlier warned that people who instigate others to break Covid rules will be name shamed. He further added that such posts have a negative impact on the police’s efforts to implement laws.

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Hajri called social media as a tool for rumour and misinformation and requested residents to think before they share anything. On the contrary, Dubai Police also encourage people to use social media for constructive purposes like fitness, cooking or building other skills.

Violators will be warned once before their are fined. In case they don’t heed to the fine, a double fine will be imposed. If the offense is repeated despite this, the issue will be taken to the public prosecution. The UAE government has listed over 15 Covid fines including those for not wearing face masks, maintaining social distance etc.

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