Covid 19: Free Parking In Dubai Extended Until 25 April

by Angel Merchant
Covid 19: Free Parking In Dubai Extended Until 25 April

The Dubai RTA has extended free parking across the city until 25 April. The decision is in line with the extension of the 24-hour National Sterilisation Programme in Dubai.  The free parking also applies to multi-storey buildings. The initiative supports the numerous attempts to mitigate the risk of Covid 19. The announcement has the full support of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and the Ministry of Interior. It also supports the government’s strong suggestions that all individuals stay at home.

Paid parking is a service available in various parts of Dubai. The payment is done per hour, and can be done over the phone, via SMS. However, more traditionally, there are parking stations and kiosks scattered around the city. When you park, you can go to the kiosk, choose the amount of time you wish to park your car, and make the necessary payment. There are buttons present on the machine which must be pressed. All of this unnecessary exposure can massively increase the spread of the virus, and cause more harm. So, as part of the government’s disinfection process, and the various attempts to curb the virus, Dubai has offered free parking for the upcoming two weeks.

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What Else?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most proactive countries during this time of crisis. Sharjah recently shut down eight pharmacies for increasing prices of face masks. They were caught sharply rising the prices of masks, gloves and sanitisers. The Sharjah economic development department (SEDD) has inspected 28 pharmacies across the city. The inspection was carried out following complaints from residents. Four pharmacies were given strict violation notices,  and nine were given harsh warnings. This move has come as part of an initiative to prevent exploitation of consumers. It is also to inhibit any form of malpractice in the emirate during concerns over Covid 19.

All residents have been encouraged to report all price violations by contacting the Sharjah economic development department (SEDD) at 80080000. You can also reach them via their social media channels and website.



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