Covid 19: Oman Locks Down Muscat for 12 Days Starting Tomorrow

by Angel Merchant
Covid 19: Oman Locks Down Muscat for 12 Days Starting Tomorrow

There have been a total of Covid-19 registered cases of the Coronavirus in Oman. With cases increasing rapidly, Oman has announced to lock down the Governorate of Muscat, from the 10-22 April. The lock down will inhibit anyone going into or leaving the city of Muscat. The move is part of the Sultanate’s precautionary measures to combat the spread of Covid 19.

The Ministry of healthy reported a total of 419 cases around the country, with 72 recoveries, and 2 deaths. The ministry has called on all the public and stressed the importance of adhering to quarantine rules. They have strongly suggested to all that social distancing rules be taken seriously, and the importance of staying at home. The 12 day lock down was decided after a meeting held with the chairmanship of Interior Minister Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al-Busaidi. The committee have also enforced the halting of all education institutes in the city until further notice. For now, all educational families have been closed until 15 March.

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What Else?

Meanwhile in the Dubai, a new unified hotline has been launched to prevent any kind of child endangerment. 800988 is a new 24 hour line for all, to report any cases of violence, neglect and abuse. The hotline will ensure a quick response and follow up to any complaint, of the aforementioned possibilities in a household. The new initiative has been taken by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council.

They will also have a number of child specialists and psychologists on call, ready to offer their services if the situation requires it. Field visits will also be conducted every now and then to monitor situation. The new initiatives come as part of a number of other issues being tackled by the UAE government. The hotline can be used within one’s own family, or if something has been seen in another family. Once the caller dials the hotline, they will attend to immediately and will be asked a number of questions to assess the situation.

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