Craving Authentic Thai Cuisine? Here’s How You Can Make Restaurant Style Thai Curry At Home!

by Mallika Khurana
Craving Authentic Thai Cuisine? Here’s How You Can Make Restaurant Style Thai Curry At Home!

Who doesn’t enjoy curling up with a plateful of authentic Thai curry? The mixture of spices and fresh ingredients feeds the body and calms the soul. And making a restaurant style Thai curry is simpler than you would imagine. So, there is a Thai curry recipe on our list for everyone, whether you prefer tasty Thai chicken meals or you prefer to keep things vegetarian.

Best Restaurant Style Thai Curry Recipes

1. Veg Thai Green Curry By Chef Ranveer Brar

Thai curry has to be a dish that everyone loves. It goes amazingly well with a portion of herbed or sticky rice. If a vegetarian version of this comforting curry is what you are looking for, this recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar is perfect.

2. Chicken Thai Red Curry By Varun Inamdar

Curries are considered comfort food all around the globe, and one of the best curries has to be Thai curry. With a sweetness brought by creamy coconut milk, this dish is simply delicious. Check out this recipe by Varun Imamdar for restaurant style Thai red chicken curry.

3. Thai Green Curry By Chef Sanjyot Keer

When working with so many ingredients, it can get a little tricky to temper them all. Thai curry is one such dish, and you need the right recipe to get a perfect bowl of deliciousness. This recipe of Thai green curry by Chef Sanjyot Keer is all you need to make it right.

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4. Thai Red Curry By Cooking Shooking

Super easy to make with a flavorful bunch of ingredients like Thai chillies and kaffir lime, this recipe for restaurant style Thai red curry by Cooking Shooking is very simple to follow. Choose this one for an authentic Thai flavour.

5. Thai Green Curry By Taste Of Thailand

Achieving the creamy texture in Thai curry can be a tricky task, but it is essential for an authentic flavour and texture. If that is something you wish to get right, this recipe by Taste of Thailand is perfect.

6. Veg Thai Red Curry By Chef Neha Deepak Shak

Want to make Thai curry from scratch? This elaborate recipe of authentic Thai red curry by Chef Neha Deepak Shah will get you comfort in a bowl! Truly, it doesn’t get more authentic than this. 

They are all pretty easy to follow. Pick anyone you like, and you will have a perfect bowl of restaurant style Thai curry!

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