Samosas Stuffed With Biryani. We Cannot Take This Anymore!

by Shreya Ghosh
Samosas Stuffed With Biryani. We Cannot Take This Anymore!

It is hard to find someone who does not love to eat biryani. Biryani lovers can never get tired of this tempting dish and we can totally understand why. Another one of Indians’ favourite food is samosa and an evening chai session is incomplete without this crispy snack. These two food items are simply the best and most tempting when enjoyed separately. Samosa with chutney tastes heavenly and biryani does not really need anything. But is it a good idea to combine them and form a new dish? Well, someone actually tried it out and people do not seem to like it. Someone came up with the idea of stuffing some biryani and meat inside the flour layer of samosa and foodies are not agreeing with this weird fusion of Biryani Samosa.

Biryani Samosa Is The Latest Experiment!

A Twitter user named ghalib e wosta who goes by the Tusername @khansaamaa shared some photos of this much-talked-about biryani samosa. No matter how much we love to relish biryani and samosas separately, the combination of both these favourite dishes is just making us cry. Take a look at the photos of this combination here.

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There are so many different variations of biryani, from Lucknowi to Hyderabadi to Kolkata special and a lot more. Foodies love to enjoy most of these different types of the delicacy. But will people like the twist of stuffing samosa with this rice dish and then deep frying them? Well, let’s find it out!

Here’s What Tweeple Has To Say:

Shared on 26 March 2023, this tweet has attained all the attention of foodies on Twitter. Netizens are quite unhappy with this unnecessary twist to two of the most loved dishes, biryani and samosa. This tweet now has more than 111K views with many retweets and reactions from the Tweeple.

Twitterati has poured their mixed reactions under the tweet. While most of them have negative opinions about this biryani samosa, interestingly, there are very few people who are interested in trying out this new twist.

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Will you ever be trying biryani samosa? Let us know if you want to!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ ghalib e wosta (@khansaamaa)