Craving For Japanese & Italian Cuisine? Delhi’s Swan Brings The Best Of Both Worlds Together!

by Tejashee Kashyap

Earlier for many of us, a typical day of eating out in Delhi would involve making our way to the good old Connaught Place or Khan Market and of course, Hauz Khas. But now, enter the historic Mehrauli that’s been slowly emerging as the popular hotspot for al-fresco restaurants and bars. In a pool of numerous eating destinations, some lost the charm yet some continued to stay true to their repertoire. With a serenading terrace space, however, the kitchens of Swan still manage to maintain the hype. This charming dining space has made a name for serving Japanese and Italian cuisines in the most authentic manner possible.

Stunning Decor With A View Of Qutub Minar


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In today’s time, the interiors happen to be one of the major factors that makes a place tick. That’s not it, Swan boasts of a grand al fresco setting with a view of the mighty Qutub Minar with the starry sky. Is anyone looking for a space for a date night? Here you go, this place serves as the perfect setting!

When it comes to the indoors, your eyes are welcomed to a glistening and striking space. Expect to see a stunning bar centrepiece with some glimmering metal foliage hanging from the ceiling. There’s even a towering metal tree installation with branches.

However, the decor at Swan may seem eclectic but done in a subdued manner. There’s muted lighting that adds elegance to the ambience while the bright-coloured upholstery adds a sense of warmth.  Even if you are seated indoors, just a peek at the expansive Delhi sky and the grand Quitub Minar lets you have a quaint and verdant natural setting.

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What’s On The Menu?


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For a place that’s as enticing as Swan is, the menu must make your tastebuds dance! After all, a fine dining restaurant like this must have a pièce de résistance menu. So bringing the best of both worlds, Japan and Italy to your table, the menu is an inviting one.

And if you decide to visit Swan now during these balmy summer days, their newly-curated spring-summer menu focuses on intense flavours and reimagined preparation with raw ingredients. The new foods, pappardelle alla Napoletana con polpette and charred asparagus, and burrata salad, are definite standouts that will leave you craving more.

The Japanese dishes on the main menu are interesting too. Expect variations of tempura, maki rolls, and a lot of experimentation with prawn dishes. Starters like Katsu Chicken, Spicy Chicken Yakitori, Exotic Mushrooms, and Pork Belly Skewers with Apple (and fennel tartar teriyaki sauce) are most recommended.


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If you thought this was it, wait till the chef whips out a variation of a wood-fired pizza that’s crunchy enough but has a well-balanced softness by the mozzarella. From their Italian menu, don’t miss trying out their Mushroom Cappuccino which is actually a thick soup, laced with a generous helping of truffle oil, but has actually nothing to do with coffee.

The drinks also act as a stimulant—most of them are light and breezy, perfect for the weather. End your full-course meal with their decadent desserts like the hot and gooey chocolate fudge or the red velvet cake that are lip-smackingly good!

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Swan still definitely checks all the boxes of a new-age fine dining restaurant in Delhi, from its newly-launched menu to the very tasty cocktails.

Where: Mehrauli, New Delhi
When: 12.30 pm – 1 am
Cost: ₹2,500 for two people (approx.)

Cover image credits: Instagram/Swan Delhi