Croatia: Historic City Dubrovnik Bans New Rental Permits To Curb Overtourism & Help Locals 

The city council of Dubrovnik has banned new rentals to prevent overtourism.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Croatia: Historic City Dubrovnik Bans New Rental Permits To Curb Overtourism & Help Locals 

The historic city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is known for its distinctive Old Town characterised by massive stone walls built in the 16th century. The Renaissance palaces, majestic churches and rocky coastline for long have attracted vast number of tourists. However, lately, Dubrovnik has suffered from overtourism much to the dismay of locals. So, the UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik has banned new rental permits to curb overtourism. Read on to know more.

Croatia’s Dubrovnik Bans New Rentals To Prevent Overtourism

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According to a Hindustan Times report, the success of Dubrovnik on the global tourism map has come at a cost. Due overtourism, tourists have clogged the narrow streets and pushed up the rents. Ironically, locals occupy just 30% of the accommodation in Old Town. In the early 1990s, 5000 residents lived there. However, today, the number is just 1200.

Mayor Mato Frankovic stated to Reuters that the youths may choose to depart Dubrovnik as it may become impossible to live there due to overtourism. In April, the city council will most likely pass a regulation which bans new rental permits in Old Town and its surrounding areas. Mayor Mato Frankovic informs that this move is part of Dubrovnik’s obligation to follow UNESCO rules.

European Towns Also Following Suit

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The city will ban short-term leases of flats in large apartment buildings. Authorities in Dubrovnik have already started purchasing apartments. These will then be offered to young families under a 10-year lease. In 2018, the city council limited the number of cruise tourists to 4000. Frankovic stated they shall protect Dubrovnik’s historic foundations and enable people to live and spend their time there.

Apart from Dubrovnik in Croatia, many other European towns are also being reclaimed by authorities for local inhabitants. Even Portugal is working hard to lower housing prices. Marija Trojenovic, a resident of Old Town welcomed these plans. She told Reuters that it’s necessary to bring people back to the town ( Dubrovnik)because people make the town.

Meanwhile, let us know if Dubrovnik is on your travel wishlist too.

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