Cross Border Kitchens Delhi Is Serving Meals To Needy

by Suchismita Pal
Cross Border Kitchens Delhi Is Serving Meals To Needy

While most of us are privileged to stay at our homes during lockdown, various eateries and restaurant chains are coming in the frontline to lend a helping hand. And they are doing the good deeds not because of any underlined law and order, but out of sheer humanity. At the time of crisis, most restaurants have closed businesses but they have opened up their kitchens to cook food for those who need them the most. And here’s how Cross Border Kitchens is doing its bit.

How Is It Happening?

Cross Border Kitchens is a Delhi-based food and beverage company and the name behind renowned food brands like Biryani Central, BroMomo, AIM Burger, Pind Patiala, Irfan Bhai and more. The team is now serving daily meals to the migrant labourers and daily wagers who are stranded in South Delhi. With CBK Community Kitchen, they distribute about 500 meals daily that essentially comprise rice and dal. They have already served about 15,800 meals. Also, through their initiative, they have urged people to donate for the cause. Until now, they have raised a donation of about ₹477544, independently.

serving meals South Delhi
Picture Credits: Cross Border Kitchens

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What’s More?

The riders who deliver the food to the identified localities also carry extra meals for anyone who might need them, even the stray animals. Apart from these, the delivery restaurants under Cross Border Kitchens too are operating during this time and they are maintaining high safety and sanitization standards.

serving meals South Delhi
CBK Website

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If you want to donate, you can visit their website and make your benefactions. Also, you can inform them, in case you know someone in South Delhi area who needs a meal. Let us all be a part of the noble cause and put an end to the hunger issues.