Cruises Are The Newest Trend In India

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    Move over train, airplanes, and roads, India is going towards the cruise life!

    What Is It?

    The Indian Government is all set to establish domestic and International cruise liners as the preferred method of transportation as compared to airplanes and trains. They basically want to make it a middle-class travel option and make it affordable accordingly. With the talks of the Mumbai to Goa cruise, the tickets won’t be higher than ₹7000 per head with all amenities in place. Apart from that, they are gearing up other ports across the nation including Kochi, Chennai, Goa and Mangalore. 

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    Going International

    In the upcoming years, not only domestic liners, International cruise liners will be available for the public as well. The Mumbai to Bali and Mumbai to Bangkok cruise is on its way too! Other than that, Mumbai to Dubai cruise liners are on its way as well and the fare will be ₹8500 onwards and Mumbai to Maldives cruise with fare from ₹54,000 per head for a duration of a few days.

    The indian Government is expanding to the Asian countries as of now including Vietnam, South East region and Hong Kong, but we can better developments in the upcoming years.

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    Kritika Kukreja
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