CT Quickies: From Zika Virus Alert To “Chaiyya Chaiyya” To Diffuse Road Rage; 5 Bangalore Updates

by Sanjana Shenoy
CT Quickies: From Zika Virus Alert To “Chaiyya Chaiyya” To Diffuse Road Rage; 5 Bangalore Updates

Bangaloreans, we know it’s hard to keep track of the minute-to-minute updates on happenings in Bangalore. For this reason, we’re here with a well-curated list of all the city updates to make sure you’re well-informed at all times. So, from the Zika virus alert in the city to an amusing incident of a commuter playing SRK’s evergreen song, “Chaiyya Chaiyya”, here are 5 Bangalore updates you need to know.

Bangalore Updates

1. Bangalore Undergoes Zika Virus Scare

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Bangalore is undergoing a massive health scare after a Zika virus case was detected near the city. After detecting this Zika virus case, all other fever cases are being closely examined. Within the 5-km radius of Talkaebetta, an alert has been sounded as the virus was found in that vicinity. According to the World Health Organisation, the cause of the Zika virus is Aedes mosquitoes that transmit infections like Chikungunya and Dengue. So, Bangaloreans, monitor your health carefully.

2. Man Plays “Chaiyya Chaiyya” To Diffuse Road Rage

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In a deleted Reddit post, a Redditor narrated a road rage incident in Bangalore. At 10 am on Nandi Durga Road when he was on his way to work, he witnessed an argument between a motorcyclist and a car driver. As the commuter’s car faced difficulties in starting he asked the motorcyclist to overtake him from the right side. However, the biker continued to argue with the car driver for causing inconvenience. Despite calmly talking to him, the biker’s rage knew no bounds. So, to diffuse road rage, the car driver played Shah Rukh Khan’s “Chaiyya Chaiyya” song.

3. BBMP To Impose Fines On Non-Permitted Digging Works

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Let’s face it, the poor conditions of roads in Bangalore has been the butt of jokes for long. The pothole-laden roads, and digging works that take ages to complete, leading to traffic jams galore is a cause of concern. To tackle this, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) will impose fines on both government departments and private organisations who conduct non-permitted digging works in the city. Tushar Girinath, the Chief Commissioner of BBMP has stressed on the need to address potholes in both minor and major works in the Mahadevpur zone.

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4. #PeakBengaluruMoment With A Bumble Date

X user, @aerinistyping shared a screengrab of a conversation with her Bumble date. What left Netizens chuckling is the message from the date who goes on to ask her out on a coffee date in total techie language. With words like “dev”, “life branch”, “patch” and “production”, it’s an interesting convo between two techies in the Silicon Valley of India. Netizens feel it’s a perfect #PeakBengaluruMoment. One of the unusual Bangalore updates, that we know of!

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5. Costly Pet Fee Of ₹10,000 Infuriates Pet Parents In Apartment Complex

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An apartment complex in Electronic City may enforce a strict rule on pet parents, enough to leave them enraged. In the near future, pet parents may have to pay a whopping pet fee of ₹10,000. This is an expensive yet refundable registration fee. Ittina Mahavir is an apartment complex in Electronic City’s Neeladri Nagar housing 100 pet-owning residents. This hefty registration deposit will be used to treat dog bites and keep the premises clean.

Folks, now that you know about the latest Bangalore updates, do let us know if we missed out on anything.

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