CTExclusive: From Mini Vada Pav To Lamb Rendang, Here’s What Mumbai Indians And Delhi Capitals Players Ate During IPL!

The flavourful world of cricketing cuisine!

by Mallika Khurana
CTExclusive: From Mini Vada Pav To Lamb Rendang, Here’s What Mumbai Indians And Delhi Capitals Players Ate During IPL!

The Indian Premier League (IPL) season has just wrapped up, with the Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan’s team, triumphantly taking home the trophy. Yet, the excitement of the sport and the love fans have for their favourite teams and players is far from fading. For those dedicated IPL fans, we have some fascinating insights into the dietary habits of two major teams: the Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals. Catering Collective, a division of K Hospitality, handles the culinary needs of these prestigious teams. Mr. Ashay Desai, Director of Culinary and F&B at Catering Collective, shared exclusive details about what keeps these cricket stars fueled.

What Did These IPL Teams Eat?

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The Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals share a common goal of performance-driven nutrition, emphasising hydration, complex carbohydrates for sustained energy, and protein for muscle recovery. However, their tastes diverge significantly. According to Mr. Desai, “Both teams have separate menus tailored to their needs and preferences for practice days versus match days.” The Delhi Capitals have a global palate, enjoying energy-boosting nuts, seeds, and smoothies, as well as lamb and chicken rendang curry. On the other hand, the Mumbai Indians prefer lighter, traditional flavours like masala chai, fresh watermelon juice, and mini vada pav. 

Striking a balance between nutrition and taste is crucial, especially given the IPL teams’ rigorous schedules. Mr. Desai explains, “We adhere to a structured approach tailored to the dietary needs of each team.” On practice days, players receive refreshments like nimbu pani and coconut water upon arrival, along with snacks such as whole wheat pasta, salads, multigrain sandwiches, and fruits. 

The Mumbai Indians have strict dietary restrictions, avoiding nuts, dairy, gluten, and excessive oil, while the Delhi Capitals focus more on protein-rich foods like lamb and chicken. Their menus often include homestyle chicken curry, stir-fried vegetables with tofu, and lamb steak.

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Standout Dishes And Favourites

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Customisation is key to meeting the specific preferences of the teams. Mr. Desai shared that visiting teams like “Kolkata Knight Riders often request an additional lamb dish and a non-spicy option for their international players.” The Delhi Capitals have a penchant for North Indian cuisine, with favourites like tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, paneer, and lamb chops. 

Flexibility in menu planning is essential to accommodate special dietary needs, such as vegan preferences. “We ensure players feel well-supported, which contributes to their overall performance and satisfaction,” Mr. Desai said.

Planning the menus for the IPL teams is a meticulous process that starts months in advance. “We collaborate closely with nutritionists and dietitians to ensure perfect execution,” Mr. Desai emphasised. This involves extensive brainstorming, menu development, and tasting sessions to ensure each dish meets the nutritional guidelines focused on complex carbs, protein, and hydration. 

Catering Collective has been working with the Mumbai Indians for over five years. Mr. Desai fondly recalls, “The atmosphere is always good while eating the food, especially when teams are celebrating.” Such moments highlight the camaraderie and joy shared among the players, contributing to memorable experiences beyond the cricket field.

For IPL fans, these insights offer a glimpse into the world of their favourite teams beyond the cricket field.

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