CTR Bengaluru Gets You The Perfect Benne Dosa

by Anvi Doshi
CTR Bengaluru Gets You The Perfect Benne Dosa

Let’s Press Rewind

With a history of 90 years, CTR or more commonly known as Shri Sagar is one of the iconic eateries in Bengaluru. 55 years ago, it was taken over by Sanjeeva Puri and from formerly being known as the Central Tiffin Room it was renamed Shri Sagar. Currently managed by Sanjeeva ji’s son, Sandesh, the popularity of this spot remains untainted.

What’s It Known For

The Iconic CTR Shri Sagar in Malleshwaram is known for its Benne Dosa. While there are a gazillion rendition of the butter dosa, this eatery has won awards for its Benne Masala Dosa.

So how did this award-winning dosa come into being? While in conversation with Sandesh ji, here’s what he recalls,

“The specialty lies in how we conduct the taste of the dosa. My dad took around two and a half years  to get that taste, the aroma, the quality  and quantity just right.”

What is a Benne Dosa, you may ask? Benne means butter and the Benne Masala Dosa traces back its origins to the city of Devangare in Karnataka. The idea is to add a generous amount of butter to your normal Sada Dosa (the rendition of “generous” in this case, is pretty literal).

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We were pretty excited to try it and to be honest, we don’t mind a rerun of one of the most spectacular dosa moments of our lives. Their Benne Masala Dosa had a highly glossy texture (courtesy: all that butter) and yet surprisingly it was not at all soggy. In fact, it was light, fluffy and (we wonder how) crispy.

Something Else…

Also known for its Mangalore bhajis, CTR’s apparently claimed to make the best ones in town. The bhajis are light, crunchy and there’s that perfect amount of sweetness from the coconut chutney served with them. These are perfect if you’re craving a light snack or just want to start your day right with a good breakfast.

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We’d say, don’t miss out on their piping hot filter coffee for a grand finale. There’s nothing like rounding up a good meal with a cup of delicious coffee.


Address: CTR Shri Sagar, 7th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
Timings: 7:30am – 12:30pm, 4pm – 9pm
Cost: Rs 150 for 2 approx
Contact: 080 23317531