Curly Tales Celebrates Children’s Day


What’s Children’s Day without celebrating with the cutest and naughtiest kids right? Well, we at Curly Tales celebrated Children’s Day with full-on masti, shor, food and of course some of cutest kids on the block. 6-year-old Eliana, 4-year-old Elsa, 2-year-old Viaan and 4-year-old Kabir joined us in our Children’s Day celebrations. The kids completed 3 interesting challenges for us. And we just couldn’t have enough of their adorable faces.

Completing The 3 Challenges

The first challenges we gave them was to eat a momo with a pair of chopsticks. From staring helplessly at the chopsticks to using it as a tool to pierce the momo, the kids tried it all. Eliana even declared that it tasted like chocolate. And we wonder if the momo magically changed itself from savoury to sweet. Over lots of laughter, babbling random funny words and even trying out hilarious new ways to use the chopsticks, the kids sure gave their own spin to this challenge.

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For their second challenge, Eliana, Elsa, Kabir and Viaan were given a small piece of chocolate and told to share it amongst themselves. Eliana screamed in astonishment accusing us of not giving her ‘big’ chocolate. Well this was the challenge, right? Kabir took it on himself to break the little chocolate int 4 pieces. And he did just that, even if he had to bite it. The kids were left nibbling on their little pieces of chocolate, happy to successfully complete their second challenge. Now that’s what we call, sharing is caring.

The third challenge comprised of delicious cake decoration. The kids were divided into team boys and team girls. Viaan and Kabir decorated their white-glazed cake with pink macaroons, colourful gems, sprinkles, choco chips and chocolates. With a little of bickering and bantering and loads of fun, the boys decorated the cake beautifully. When it came to the girls, Eliana and Elsa, meticulously decorated their cake. The chocolate chips, pink macaroons, gems and gems placed on the cake just looked super charming.

So we celebrated Children’s Day in the midst of Eliana, Elsa, Kabir and Viaan, who were so charming, cute and super fun. The kids not only got to decorate their cakes but share and eat them too. And we had a lovely time hosting them and we hope to have them soon to just brighten up our day with their smiles. Check out 29 Must-Have Desserts From Across The World

Sanjana Shenoy
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