Here’s How Kamiya Got To The James Bond Island!

by Kamiya Jani
Here’s How Kamiya Got To The James Bond Island!

What comes to your mind when you think of Phuket? Blue beaches and white sand? Hell no!

That’s not Phuket. Its just the nicer part of Phi Phi Island!

That’s not what Phuket is. The Phuket I stayed at, which I believe, is near the main Bangla Walking Street or Patong beach is not any close to that. The water at the Beach was brown and so was the sand. It was crowded with a lot of hookers but a promising and a bustling nightlife. I loved the energy there but it was different than my imagination.

I wanted to see the Phuket I have seen in photos and you know what? That’s not in Phuket. That’s two hours away from Phuket. Islands that are deep in the water, away from the mainland of Thailand.

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Aerial view of Thailand

PhiPhi Islands is something everyone knows of and its worth the hype if you want those beautiful beaches with limestone cliffs. But what you probably haven’t heard of is the Hong Island, Panak Island, Diamond Cave and James Bond Island. Don’t be afraid thinking about how you will reach there.

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Canoing at Hong Island

Just ask them for the James Bond Tour and ensure that it takes you on all four islands. There are plenty of tours at every nook and corner of Phuket to help you get there at 1200 Thai Baht (after the much-needed negotiation). There are two ways you can reach there – Cruise Boat or a speed boat. Cruise boat takes longer but it is ideal for families with kids. It has a bathroom and few other facilities.

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Just posing with sunglasses on a rainy day!

Speed boat does the job as the name suggests and gets you to Hong Island in 20-30 minutes from Phang Nga Bay. From there, hop on to tiny canoes and let nature take over. You will be baffled by seeing so much beauty around you and feel like you have arrived on the sets of ‘Anaconda’ or ‘Skull Island’! Go for it!

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Just one of those things that tourists do

So, what happens when you find yourself on an unknown island in a foreign country? Scroll up and watch my #InAMinute video to know how i got on an island with dramatic limestone cliffs and turquoise waters.

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