Cyrus Mistry Was Fond Of Road Travel Recalls Ex-Bureaucrat

by Shreya Ghosh
Cyrus Mistry Was Fond Of Road Travel Recalls Ex-Bureaucrat

Cyrus Mistry, the former head of Tata Sons recently lost his life in an unfortunate car accident. Post his saddening demise, the former bureaucrat Ganesh Jagtap shares that he is going to miss Cyrus Mistry’s soft-hearted behaviour. Ganesh Jagtap is a former deputy collector and he also was an aide to R R Patil. He shared a few of Cyrus Mistry’s favourites and the things that he was fond of. He also shared that Cyrus gave him a call at times when there was an occurrence of land acquisition.

Former Bureaucrat Recalls That Cyrus Mistry Was Fond Of Road Travel

Ganesh Jagtap shared that Mistry liked to travel by road whereas he could have chosen to fly on flights, a faster mode of transportation.  In fact, he was very fond of roadside street foods such as pav bhaji , vada pav, and tea from small tea stalls. He shared the stories about Mistry while remembering their travel experiences in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Jagtap also shared Mistry loved Maharashtrian food especially.

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Cyrus Mistry

Jagtap went to Gujarat with Mistry for a port’s land acquisition. Jagtap shared, ‘When fresh land acquisition received local opposition, the rates were revised and a higher compensation was offered. Cyrus decided to apply the revised higher rates to people whose land was already acquired, even though legally he was not bound to do so’ as reported by Economic times.

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Ganesh Jagtap is now an entrepreneur by profession. He lives in Thane currently. He only had great things to say about Cyrus Mistry. Jagtap talked about his down-to-earth attitude and simplicity and how he cared for the health and well-being of the employee.

Jagtap also added how Cyrus’ decision changed everyone’s interpretation and perspective of the company and how people later came together for more purposes as well. In fact, Cyrus helped the bureaucrat-turned-entrepreneur a lot and recommended him to others. He shared, ‘He used to recommend me to others. He went out of the way and helped me. Such generous and warm treatment is rare and I will miss it for sure’, as reported by Economic times.