Dakiya Daak Laya! Anupam Kher Reminisces Good Old Memories As He Meets A Postman After Years 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Dakiya Daak Laya! Anupam Kher Reminisces Good Old Memories As He Meets A Postman After Years 

Remember those good old days when sending a message to someone did not mean Whatsapp or Instagram DM? It meant writing a letter, sending it through the post, and then waiting for the postman to bring you the reply letter for the same. Recently, actor Anupam Kher reminisced about the old days as he met a postman while shooting for his upcoming movie. He was so happy that he recorded a video and posted it.

Anupam Kher Meets A Postman After Years


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Have you heard that song, “Dakiya Daak Laya,” from Palkon Ki Chhaon Me (1977)? That song is not just a song, but an emotion. Today, people do not even have the patience to wait for 5 minutes for a reply to their text, but in those days, people used to eagerly wait for five days for the postman to bring them their replies. 

Actor Anupam Kher was shooting for an upcoming movie when he accidentally met a postman. He had come to deliver letters in the building, and Anupam’s happiness knew no boundaries. He instantly started shooting this man as he was delivering a letter. 

His happiness can be heard as he talks to the postman. He asked the postman about how long he had been delivering letters. To this, he said “Two years”. On asking, he also mentioned that he delivers about 100 letters every day.

Anupam mentioned that he saw a postman delivering a letter, asking the receiver to sign on paper. He was happy looking at the human contact that had been established. He also asked the postman if he ever received any tips from people, which is known as ‘bakshish’. The postman replied, “Sometimes”. Anupam added that earlier, when postmen used to bring some good news, people used to give them a small amount as a tip. 

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A Part Of The Family

Credits: @anupamkher/Instagram

Anupam Kher posted this video on his Instagram account, and the video has by far garnered over 446K views and 59.3K likes. 

In the caption, he mentioned that Postman was an inseparable part of his life during his childhood. He had seen his mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, and other relatives have conversations with the postman. Some conversations used to be heart-to-heart based on the letter received, while others were just banter. 

He mentioned that they used to treat postmen with laddoo or bakshish every time they received good news from a much-anticipated letter. He had seen people laugh and cry with the postman when receiving letters. 

If the receiver did not know how to read, the postman would help them by reading it to them. Anupam said that the postman was a part of their family. As he met a postman today, all these memories were refreshed in his mind. Though he got teary-eyed, his face had a huge smile on it. Towards the end of the video, he thanked the postman for bringing Anupam’s childhood memories back. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @anupamkher/Instagram

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