Delhi Airport: From A New Terminal To 4 Runways, Here’s All You Need To Know About It!

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi Airport: From A New Terminal To 4 Runways, Here’s All You Need To Know About It!

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is all set to get a brand new makeover with interesting upgrades and many new additions. From an all-new terminal to runways, Delhi Airport is going to be bigger and grander than ever. The most exciting part of the upgradation is that this airport is becoming the first and only airport in India with 4 runways. The new changes will be a massive boost to handle the growth of tourist footfall and also focus on enhanced connectivity.

New Innovations Of The Delhi Airport Are Likely To Start Operating This September

Delhi Airport
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Rajiv Bansal, the Aviation Secretary shared some deets about the development of the airport at the EU-India Aviation Summit on Thursday. He said that the upcoming fourth runway and the new terminal will commence operations in September, according to a report by Times Now News. He further added how the Delhi Airport is getting ready with enhanced infrastructure and improved connectivity along with witnessing the massive growth in the country’s aviation industry. They are also emphasising providing a renewed focus on innovation.

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Here Are All The Deets About The Development Of Indira Gandhi International Airport:

  • Some officials shared that the fourth runway of the airport is going to be about 4,400 metres in length and 75 metres in width, according to a report by Zee News.
  • It is also an expectation that the rush and the waiting time will reduce to some extent with the newest terminal.
  • This can be a huge help to decrease the long time taken to take off or land inside the airport.
  • The fourth runway of the Delhi airport is falling under the Phase III-A of the expansion plan of this airport.
  • The budget for all the ongoing development inside the airport is about ₹9,800 crores.
  • All the new changes will increase the handling capacity of the airport. At the present moment, it can handle a tourist capacity of 66 million passengers per year. It is going to be upgraded to 100 million every year.
  • It was scheduled to be completed in 2022 but the entire process lengthened.

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Are you excited to see the new changes?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva