Delhi Councillor Spotted Rowing Inflatable Pool On Road To Highlight Waterlogging Issue In The City

As a sign of protest, the councillor rowed around a severely waterlogged road in Delhi's Vinod Nagar area.

by Tashika Tyagi
Delhi Councillor Spotted Rowing Inflatable Pool On Road To Highlight Waterlogging Issue In The City

Delhi woke up to a heavy downpour this morning. However, what should have been a source of respite, has turned into a nightmare for the people in the city. The heavy rainfall has resulted in waterlogging in various parts of Delhi. So much so, that a Delhi Councillor was seen rowing an inflatable pool as a sign of protest on Friday morning. He, reportedly, wanted to highlight how the authorities failed to clean the overflowing drainage system in the city which resulted in waterlogging all around.

Delhi Man Rows Around Inflatable Pool To Highlight Waterlogging Issue

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Image Courtesy: X/@MithilaWaala

When Delhi folks woke up to heavy rainfall this morning, they did not expect it to turn the city roads into a swimming pool. Unfortunately, as the downpour continued, several parts of the city reported waterlogging. Seeing this, Municipal Councillor Ravinder Singh Negi rowed an inflatable kid pool to show how the waterlogging is affecting the people in the city.

Ravinder Singh Negi was seen paddling around a road in Delhi’s Vinod Nagar area. Videos and visuals on social media show knee-deep waterlogging in the area. While talking to Hindustan Times, he claimed that this issue of waterlogging in the city is due to the overflowing drainage system. He went on to elaborate that the authorities failed to clean up the drains, despite repeated reminders, in the city which has led to the whole issue.

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Heavy Rainfall Brings Hard Times For Delhi

Monsoon was supposed to be a respite for Delhiites after they experienced one of the worst summer seasons of all time. However, the first heavy downpour in Delhi has welcomed a new set of troubles for the people in the city. Due to waterlogging in various parts of the city, there was traffic congestion reported on various routes. People took to social media to share how the city has been affected due to waterlogging and fallen trees due to the early morning thunderstorm.

An unfortunate incident happened at the Delhi Airport where a portion of the roof collapsed at Terminal 1. This incident caused one casualty and severely injured six people. Also, the flight operations were affected at the terminal.

While we love Delhi ki baarish, this isn’t what we wish for every time it rains! The Delhi government has called an emergency meeting at 2 PM today to discuss the waterlogging issue in the city. We hope they’re able to come up with some solution to this situation.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@MithilaWaala & Canva (representative image)

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