Delhi Gets Its First Ever Human Library

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Delhi will be hosting its first ever human library on June 18th. In this amazing new concept, you don’t borrow a book, you borrow a human – for 20 minutes.


Image Courtesy: Human Library Delhi Facebook Page

What Is A Human Library?

Imagine a place where you don’t read from an author, but hear of their experiences first-hand, without prejudice. The idea is that you can actually talk to your ‘book’, ask questions and introspect leaving you with a wider perspective.

The human library concept first began in Copenhagen, Denmark. Delhi is the fourth state in India to host this event after Indore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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Image Courtesy: Human Library Delhi Facebook Page

In a world where everyone has multiple opinions and we hide behind the face of social media to express them, the Human Library breaks barriers. It teaches you to reconnect with face-to-face conversations and idea sharing.

Human Library Categories

The Delhi edition of the Human Library will feature 11 categories ranging from a Buddhism practitioner to a recovering drug abuser, a female solo traveller to a tea-seller turned author, victims of bullying to cancer survivors. There will also be a history chronicler and several other interesting variations.

All the human books have an in-depth knowledge of their subject. Some are first-timers, others have been present through the other editions in India.

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Image Courtesy: Human Library Delhi Facebook Page


June 18, 2017


Innov8 Co-working Space, Connaught Place


2pm – 7pm


You can register for the event here


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