Delhi Might Get A Hailstorm Again On 14th Feb

by Kritika Kukreja
Delhi Might Get A Hailstorm Again On 14th Feb

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Want to live out your Valentine’s Day fantasy in Delhi? The capital city might be experiencing last week’s hailstorm once again on 14th Feb. 

What Is It?

Just when you thought you could put away those warm clothes and gloves, nature reminds you that winter is still here! If you’re keeping up (not with the Kardashians, but with Delhi’s weather), you might know that the NCR was under a blanket of hail stones on 7th Feb. But that’s not over yet! The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that Delhi NCR region will experience the same on 14th Feb once again.

If you’re wondering what happened the last time, watch this video –

What Do We Know?

This time, the cause of the hail storm will be slightly different. The entire country has been enveloped in the Northern Cold Wave that’s been mainly affecting regions of North India – Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab etc. But the hail storm on 14th will be coming from the Eastern Winds from Bay Of Bengal. It is most likely to affect regions of NCR from Wednesday (13th onwards). 

Valentine’s Day Wonderland

Despite the roads being blocked or the transport being affected, Delhi NCR was covered in a white blanket because of the hail storm. Check out some of the glimpses of the hail storm on 7th Feb –


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