Delhi LMV Driving Licence: Cars? No! Pass Driving Test With Auto Instead

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi LMV Driving Licence: Cars? No! Pass Driving Test With Auto Instead

I am sure many of you must have appeared for the driving test to get your licence. Also, you must have heard people giving you advice and hacks on how to pass the test easily. Well, Delhiites are actually a step ahead of all this. The Delhi Transport Department has highlighted something very weird. It said that many LMV (light motor vehicle) driving licence applicants were coming for the tests with autorickshaws.

Pass Your LMV Driving Licence Test With Auto In Delhi

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The Delhi Transport Department said that there were many LMV driving licence applicants who were coming up for their rest with autos and not cars. This is posing a great road traffic threat in Delhi. 

It is pointed out that some of the applicants are actually bringing autorickshaws to pass the test on automated test tracks instead of cars. This is how many of them have gotten their licences. 

Now that this issue has been flagged, in the case of any applicant using an auto rickshaw to pass a driving test, the test officer has all the rights to make a decision on merit. The automated driving test tracks are designed in such a way that they can test the manoeuvrability and driving of light motor vehicles. 

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Auto Rickshaws Are Similar To Two-Wheelers

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The driving and manoeuvrability of light motor vehicles are different from those of auto rickshaws, according to the transport department’s communication. The turning radius of cars is five metres, while that of autos is less than three metres. 

The clutch, brake, and acceleration of auto rickshaws are not the same as those of cars. Instead, they are very similar to two-wheelers. Cars have a wheelbase that is 1.5 to 2 times longer than autos. Hence, an auto driving test should not be considered equal to a four-wheeler driving test. 

The Transport Department memo in Delhi said that driving tests taken using autorickshaws instead of cars ultimately compromise road safety. A person with an LMV driving licence can endanger the public’s life if they are driving a minibus or a minitruck with tonnes of load.

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