Delhi Metro To Launch India’s First Virtual Shopping App ‘Momentum 2.0’ With Cab Hailing Amenities & More

by Tooba Shaikh
Delhi Metro To Launch India’s First Virtual Shopping App ‘Momentum 2.0’ With Cab Hailing Amenities & More

Delhi Metro is easily the lifeblood of the national capital. Thousands of people travel every day as the mode is cheap, convenient, and quick. This mode of travel is about to get a whole lot easier. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has announced the launch of an app that will have several amenities including but not limited to online shopping. This app would be the first of its kind in India.

Delhi Metro To Launch India’s First Shopping App

Called Momentum 2.0, this is India’s first virtual shopping experience by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). This app is specifically designed for the daily commuters of the Delhi Metro. It contains a variety of amenities that will make travelling easier.

For instance, commuters can book a cab or e-rickshaw at their destination from the metro itself. This advance-booking option will help in avoiding long queues and crowds at the destination. Moreover, there are virtual stores and shops available where commuters can buy what they need and collect their items at their arriving destination. This will make shopping on the go easier for those who are in a rush. You can also find out about bus routes and book bus seats from your destination through the app while on your journey.

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Digital Lockers And Smart Payments

In a Facebook post about the app, the Principal Executive Director of the DMRC specified the app’s many useful features. Apart from providing basic information about the arrival and departure timings of metros and their schedules, it will also have smart digital lockers that commuters can purchase at additional charges.

These digital lockers can be used to safely store the items purchased on the app so that they can be collected when the passenger arrives at their destination. The app also supports recharges of smart cards and FASTags. Payments of insurance and other kinds of top-ups can also be done through the app.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons