Delhi Metro To Start Only At 2:30 pm On March 8 For Holi

by Sanjana Shenoy
Delhi Metro To Start Only At 2:30 pm On March 8 For Holi

Delhiites it’s the time of the year again when vibrant colours will lace the streets, thandai will be guzzled in large quantities and “Balam Pichkari” will blast on the speakers of mohallas. Yes, it’s Holi 2023! And as India gears up to play Holi on March 8, Delhi metro has announced its schedule. What is it? Well, Delhi Metro will only be starting its services on all lines from 2:30 pm on March 8.

Delhi Metro To Start Services From 2:30 Pm Onwards On March 8

Delhi Metro announced that all its services will begin on all lines from 2:30 pm in Delhi. This includes Airport Express Line/ Rapid Metro. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) announced that on the day of Holi, metro services shall not be available in Delhi till 2:30 pm on all lines including Airport Express Line/ Rapid Metro.

Delhi Metro
Picture Credits: Canva

So, on the festival of colours, metro train services in the capital shall commence at all terminal stations on all lines on March 8 only at 2:30 pm. So, from 2:30 pm onwards, all metro lines will resume normally. Even metro feeder bus services shall resume post 2:30 pm.

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Police Vigilant To Ensure Safety Of Citizens On Holi

Meanwhile, Delhi Police already laid down guidelines for people celebrating Holi in the city. The police revealed that strict action shall be taken against citizens driving drunk on the streets of the capital. So, you can expect random checking at various junctions to tackle traffic violations.  To ensure the safety of Delhiites and make sure they play safely and have a clean Holi, a police force will be deployed.

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The police added to ANI that they shall keep a lookout for underage driving, riding two-wheelers without helmets and even triple riding. Apart from this, the Delhi Police shall also carry out random checking for people carrying liquor and black films on them.

Well, in order to ensure you have a safe and fun Holi, the Delhi Police is vigilant on March 8. So, when you play Holi avoid drinking and driving. Most importantly, you can take the Delhi metro post your Holi celebrations from 2:30 pm onwards.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons