Delhi To Be The Most Populated City In The World By 2028

by Abhinavanand Singh
by Abhinavanand Singh 903

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Delhi will reach at the top of the population chart by 2028.

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What Is It?

Currently, it is the city Tokyo that reigns supreme when it comes being the world’s most populated city in the world. But at the rate with which Delhi’s population is increasing, it will soon dethrone Tokyo to take the first position in this race and become the most populated city of the planet by 2028. On the other hand, studies show that Tokyo’s population growth rate has now become stagnant and will deteriorate beginning from 2020..

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What Else?

Many major cities (as well as countries) are facing a strong decline in their populations all thanks to the various issues that are flourishing in and around them like decreased fertility rates, economic crises and natural calamities to name a few. Most of the cities from this list will be seen to have shifted to lower ranks by the duration of around 20-30 years from now. For instance, the region of New York will not remain in the top 10 list by 2030 approximately.

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