Delhi To Jaipur Road Trips Get Costlier As Toll Taxes Rise By 15 Percent

by Vinita Jain
Delhi To Jaipur Road Trips Get Costlier As Toll Taxes Rise By 15 Percent

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has revised the tolls on the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway, it will be effective from 1st September. Unfortunately, now the travelers on the Delhi-Jaipur highway will have to pay an additional toll from Thursday (September 1). Vehicles such as cars/jeeps will have to pay a surcharge of 15%. That means the commuters traveling by car or jeep will have to pay an additional ₹ 25 toll.

15% More Toll Tax

Currently, travelers have to pay a toll tax totaling 285 rupees at three locations: Manoharpur, Shahjahanpur, and Gurgaon. Now, travelers have to pay 310 rupees for the same distance after hiking.

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An NHAI official said, “Commuters have to pay an additional 10 rupees for Manoharpur tolls and 15 rupees for Shahjahanpur toll booths. Drivers of cars/jeeps going to have to pay ₹ 375. They have to pay the toll at four points along the route.”

Total Toll Twice The Total Highway Cost

Meanwhile, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has been repeatedly criticized for charging a toll that is double the actual construction cost of the Delhi-Jaipur highway. Across the 225km Jaipur-Gurugram route, tolls were collected by award-winning company Pinkcity Express Pvt Ltd. at three locations: Shahjahanpur, Manopur, and Dhaulatpura. The contract with the company expired on May 31, after which the NHAI began collecting tolls.

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The Jaipur and Delhi highways were constructed on a BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) basis. The project’s estimated cost between Jaipur and Gurgaon was almost ₹ 367.8 crores. From April 2009 to December 2021, all three of his toll plazas on this highway have collected more than ₹ 638.4 crores, doubling the total cost of the project.

Picture Credit: pixabay

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