Delhi Will Soon See Colour-Coded Vehicles

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Delhi Will Soon See Colour-Coded Vehicles

Under 140 Characters

Blue for petrol, orange for diesel will be the new colour code for vehicles in Delhi under a vehicle scheme to keep a check on the pollution level in Delhi.

What Is It?

The Supreme Court approved the central government’s proposal to use colour-coded stickers in Delhi NCR for differentiating vehicles on the basis of the fuel they use. The scheme is a replica of the one used in Paris that includes two types of stickers being used to distinguish vehicles that run on petrol, CNG and diesel.

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Why This Move?

The scheme will help in restricting the use of vehicles on days of severe pollution levels. The Central government that approves the scheme believes that it will a more scientific approach in restricting the pollution level than the odd-even scheme.

The stickers will blue and orange in colour and hologram-based. The light-blue colour will be used for petrol and CNG run vehicles will have an orange colour.

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The scheme is going to be implemented on vehicles in Delhi NCR by September 30.


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