Delhi Woman Duped Of ₹25,000 In The Name Of Liquor Home Delivery; Fraudsters Cheat Over 100 People

by Tania Tarafdar
Delhi Woman Duped Of ₹25,000 In The Name Of Liquor Home Delivery; Fraudsters Cheat Over 100 People

With the closure of shops during the second wave, people were left with no choice but ger their needs home delivered. That said, some are still skeptical to step out and are opting for home delivery even now. However, if you are opting for home delivery, be sure that you are doing it from a credible source. A woman in Delhi was allegedly cheated of ₹25,000 on the pretext of home delivery of alcohol during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Fraudsters Duped Over 100 People

Following this, the Delhi Police and Bharatpur Police carried out a joint operation and arrested five people in this case. The online fraudsters had put up an advertisement for home delivery of alcohol. The Delhi police found out that they have allegedly duped over 100 people by promising home delivery of liquor and other food items.

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A Resident Lost ₹82,500 While Ordering Food Packets

Another victim claimed in his police complaint that he was defrauded of ₹82,500. A resident was allegedly looking for delivery of food packets for an event in the office and thereafter contacted the number mentioned on the internet. They promised food delivery from a renowned eatery and one of them posed himself as a food joint employee. They then said the bar code to the customer in exchange for advance payment. An amount of ₹82,500 was withdrawn from his account in four separate transactions.

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During the investigation, the police found that Fake mobile numbers of Odisha were used in the crime. Therefore, be extremely weary before you order anything online the next time.