Delhi’s Red Fort Closed For Visitors Ahead Of Independence Day! Details Inside.

by Shreya Rathod
Delhi’s Red Fort Closed For Visitors Ahead Of Independence Day! Details Inside.

Delhi’s Red Fort was once a matter of prestige for the Mughal Empire. Today, the monument is a part of India’s Independence parade, as the Prime Minister hoists the Indian flag at the fort’s main gate. Well, Independence Day is nearing and the fort is now closed for visiting purposes.

Delhi’s Red Fort Is Closed For Visitors Ahead Of Independence Day !

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In order to safeguard and sanitise the area in time for Independence Day, Red Fort has been closed to the public and given over to the Special Protection Group (SPG). Additionally, flying kites near the monument is prohibited, and residents are being made aware of this. A dozen expert kite flyers have been recruited by the police as volunteers.

Over 140 hotels in Mahipalpur that were operating without a valid licence or failing to keep visitor records received challans from the police in the meantime.

Since July 4th, Red Fort has been off-limits to the general public, according to the police. The NSG, SPG, CAPFS, and Delhi Police are in charge of the security measures, and the police are now planning them. To prevent any untoward situations, multilayer security preparations will be put in place. The paramilitary soldiers will defend a 200-metre radius, while Delhi Police will guard the remaining area.

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The Police Department Has Installed Facial Recognition

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The Red Fort grounds and the gate will have automatic facial recognition technology installed by police. Additionally, a temporary control room will be built to monitor suspicious activity and facilitate communication with the military.

There are over 300 buildings that have been designated for the use of binocular-equipped spotters. If they notice any questionable activity, they will notify the police. The Delhi Police have also stepped up patrols and anti-sabotage inspections.

In the meantime, a citywide hotel verification drive has been started by Delhi Police. More than 140 hotels in Mahipalpur were cited for returning guests without the required documentation. Manoj C., DCP (Southwest), reported that seven charges had been filed under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act. To expose such inside-hotel rackets, they deployed dummy customers.

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He even stated that while checking hotel registers, they found fake names of guests.

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