Delhi’s Sidecar & 3 Other Indian Bars Make It To Asia’s 50 Best Bars List

by Tooba Shaikh
Delhi’s Sidecar & 3 Other Indian Bars Make It To Asia’s 50 Best Bars List

Bars are a beloved hangout spot. There are few things better than having a space dedicated to hanging out with friends and enjoying a good time. 50 Best recently released the list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars. A total of four bars in India made it to the list, two bars from Mumbai, one from Delhi, and one from Bangalore. Here are all the details about this particular list.

Delhi’s Sidecar & 3 Other Indian Bars Make It To Asia’s 50 Best Bars


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A total of four bars from India were listed on the list. Sidecar in New Delhi ranked the highest in the country, bagging the 18th spot on Asia’s 50 Best list. It, therefore, became the best bar in the country.

The second-best Asian bar is The Bombay Canteen in Mumbai which bagged the 35th spot on the list. The third-best Indian bar is Copitas in Bangalore which was placed in the 38th spot. The fourth was The Living Room, again from Mumbai was ranked 48th.

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Full List Of The Bars

  1. Coa, Hong Kong
  2. Jigger & Pony, Singapore
  3. BKK Social Club, Thailand
  4. Bar Benfiddich, Japan
  5. Zest, South Korea
  6. Tropic City, Thailand
  7. Nutmeg & Clove, Singapore
  8. Argo, Hong Kong
  9. Darkside, Hong Kong
  10. Sago House, Singapore
  11. Indulge Experimental Bistro, Taiwan
  12. Vesper, Thailand
  13. Bar Cham, South Korea
  14. The SG Club, Japan
  15. Analogue, Singapore
  16. Republic, Singapore
  17. The Aubrey, Hong Kong
  18. Sidecar, India
  19. The Cocktail Club, Indonesia
  20. Virtu, Japan
  21. Manhattan, Singapore
  22. Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar, Thailand
  23. Lamp Bar, Japan
  24. 28 Hong Kong Street, Singapore
  25. Le Chamber, South Korea
  26. Penicillin, Hong Kong
  27. Atlas, Singapore
  28. Alice, South Korea
  29. Pantja, Indonesia
  30. Employees Only, Singapore
  31. Quinary, Hong Kong
  32. Stay Gold Flamingo, Singapore
  33. Mostly Harmless, Hong Kong
  34. The Curator, Philippines
  35. The Bombay Canteen, India
  36. Bar Trigona, Malaysia
  37. Southside Parlor, South Korea
  38. Copitas, India
  39. Hope & Sesame, China
  40. Smoke & Bitters, Sri Lanka
  41. Vender, Taichung
  42. Native, Singapore
  43. The Public House, Taiwan
  44. Bee’s Knees, Japan
  45. High Five, Japan
  46. Soko, South Korea
  47. The Old Man, Hong Kong
  48. The Living Room, India
  49. The Bellwood, Japan
  50. Penrose, Malaysia

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Cover Image Credits: Copitas/Website