Delivery Bike Riders No Longer Allowed On The Fast Lane In Abu Dhabi! Details Inside

by Anupriya Mishra
Delivery Bike Riders No Longer Allowed On The Fast Lane In Abu Dhabi! Details Inside

Travelling on roads can be dangerous, especially for those using two-wheelers. It becomes particularly difficult when there are no proper rules and regulations in place. And to ensure the utmost safety of such delivery bike riders, a rule has been put in place in Abu Dhabi. Yes, according to this new rule, delivery bike riders are no longer allowed to use the fast lanes. Here’s all you need to know about this traffic development.

New Traffic Rules For Delivery Bike Rides In Abu Dhabi

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According to a news report by Khaleej Times, it was recently mentioned that there has been an update in the traffic rules of Abu Dhabi. The local authorities have announced that delivery bike riders will now only be allowed to use the right lanes on the road. As a result, motorcyclists will not be allowed to use the fast lanes, which include the left-most lanes on the roads, where the speed limit is 100 kilometres per hour and more. However, these are primarily on major highways and expressways, since most of the roadways in the emirate happen to have a limit between 60 to 100 kilometres per hour. As you may have gathered, this rule has been put in place to ensure there are lesser accidents and for the overall welfare of the motorcyclist.

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They’re Not Allowed To Travel On Fast Lanes!

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As a result, when motorcyclists travel on three- and four-lane roads, which boast a speed limit of over 100 kilometres per hour, they will be allowed to travel only on the two tracks from the right side. Moreover, according to the report, they will be able to use three tracks from the right side on a road with five lanes. This decision has been brought in line with the framework that aims to not only regulate traffic movements on the road but also for the maintenance of the highest security for commuters. So, the overall aim is to limit the dangerous driving of delivery motorcyclists, which includes speeding or even disregarding traffic, road instructions, and signals.

This development comes after the announcement of establishing designated parking areas for delivery bikes, which will boast more than 2,800 parking spots in Abu Dhabi and 200 in Al Ain.

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