Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing At JFK Airport As Passengers Were Served Spoiled Food On Flight

Some passengers fell sick after eating these spoiled meals.

by Shreya Ghosh
Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing At JFK Airport As Passengers Were Served Spoiled Food On Flight

Imagine spending an expensive charge to enjoy a meal while travelling on a flight and receiving contaminated food in return. Seems absurd, unexpected, and wrong, right? Unfortunately, this is a recent viral news and many passengers flying on a Delta Airlines flight were allegedly served with spoiled food by the airline. The situation intensified so much that the flight had to make an emergency landing.

Amsterdam-Bound Delta Flight Had To Make An Emergency Landing In New York

Delta Flight Emergency Landing
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The aviation industry is shocked to hear the recent news concerning poor quality food served on this flight from Detroit to Amsterdam. With 277 passengers on board, the aircraft departed from the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on Tuesday. According to a report by the New York Post, the Delta flight was forced for an emergency landing at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

But what triggered the major chaos leading to a surprising emergency landing of the Airbus A330 on Wednesday? As per multiple reports, many passengers on that plane from Detroit to Amsterdam received spoiled meals. An airline spokesperson stated that a section of the main cabin in-flight food service was spoiled. Passengers started to feel disgusting and sick after getting the horrible-quality served meals.

As of now, there are no confirmed updates on how many passengers consumed the meals served on the Delta Airlines flight. After the flight was diverted, emergency medical assistance was provided to the onboard passengers. The New York City Fire Department stated that the concerned teams provided medical help to 12 flyers.

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More Information About The Flight Diversion & Served Meals

Delta Flight Emergency Landing
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Delta Airlines has not stated further information about spoiled food and how they got to know about the worsened quality. Though some passengers felt sick, there are still no details on whether anyone among them suffered from food poisoning or faced serious health issues.

The flight began its journey to Amsterdam from Detroit but later redirected and landed in New York. Pilots diverted the aircraft over Saint Pierre and Miquelon, according to information by FlightRadar24. Next, they headed for the emergency landing.

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Have you ever received spoiled food on a flight?

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